About the author Adriana Gil

July 2018

July (2018). F. Moreno-Herrero and C.Lopez-Pasatrana visit Lumicks Headquarters in Amsterdam.

July (2018). We welcome M. Alvarez and B. Lago for a one-month stay in our lab.


June 2018

June (2018). A. Martin-Gonzalez wins the SPM Image Contest at Fuerzas y Tunel Conference, Jaca.

June (2018). A. Martin-Gonzalez talk and A. Marin-Gonzalez poster at Fuerzas y Tunel Conference, Jaca.

June (2018). J. Madariaga-Marcos talk (Best talk award!) and A. Marin-Gonzalez poster (Best poster award!) at SBE Conference, Castellon.

June (2018). J. Madariaga-Marcos talk and A. Martin-Gonzalez talk at 8th Workshop of Young Researchers in Nanoscience.

June (2018). We welcome Tung Le and Adam Jalal for a short visit to our lab.


May 2018

May (2018). Toseland´s and Moreno´s lab meeting in Madrid. First meeting of the i-Link Project funded by CSIC.

May (2018). New paper published in Nucleic Acids Research on TubR–centromere complex.

May (2018). S. Hormeño talk at the B-6 Department Seminars, CNB, Madrid.