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3rd Emerging Scientist Workshop of the SEBBM

The Spanish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology organizes the 3rd Emerging Scientist Workshop, to be held in Santander (10-13 September 2018).

This Workshop is devoted to those young and promising scientists at the stage of consolidating their careers as independent researchers, between their PhD and a permanent position. It aims to provide a platform from which emerging scientists can show new research lines or recent works and projects with the potential to be incorporated to Research Centers and Institutes.

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Force determination in lateral magnetic tweezers combined with TIRF microscopy

Combining single-molecule techniques with fluorescence microscopy has attracted much interest because it allows the correlation of mechanical measurements with directly visualized DNA : protein interactions. In particular, its combination with total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy (TIRF) is advantageous because of the high signal-to-noise ratio this technique achieves.

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