Roberta Corti

Phd Student. Magnetic Tweezers Technique

Roberta obtained her Master’s degree in Physics in 2016 at the University of Milan-Bicocca in Italy, were she got the opportunity to get in touch with the biophysics and single molecule investigations. Her background concerns Physics, Material Science and Biology. In 2017 she started a PhD program Material Science and Nanotechnology in the Biophysics and Biomedical Physics research group of the University of Milano-Bicocca (School of Medicine and Surgery), led by Prof. Francesco Mantegazza.

The general topic of her research is related to single molecule experiments, and mainly on the study of the nanomechanical unfolding of intrinsically disordered proteins (alpha-synuclein) by the means of single molecule force spectroscopy.

In January 2019 she joined the Fernando Moreno Herrero for a 7 months internship for a project on DNA-protein interactions using Flow Stretch-TIRF setup.

My Skills

  • AFM technics
  • Magnetic Tweezers