Group Members


Karolina Gmurczyk (2021). PhD Student

Moves to The Francis Crick Institute.

Alberto Marin-González (2020). PostDoc

Moves to Johns Hopkins University.

Alejandro Martín González (2020). PostDoc

Moves to Technische Universiteit, Delft.

Julene Madriaga Marcos (2019). PostDoc

Moves to Leipzig University.

Carolina Carrasco Pulido (2019). PostDoc

Moves to Tübingen University.

César López Pastrana (2019). PostDoc

Moves to TUM Munich University.

Adriana Gil (2018). PostDoc

Moves to CSIC central Headquarters Offices, International Relations Dept.

Miguel Curieses Rey (2018). Undergrad Student

Moved to: Last months of Experimental Sciences degree (URJC).

Guilherme Vilhena (2016-2017). Postdoctoral Researcher.

Moved to: IF MSCA at University of Basel (Department of Physics).

Javier Cabello (2016-2017). Master Student.

Moved to:  Imperial College London.

Alejandro Gimeno (2015-2016). Servotec Project.

Moved to:  Entrepeneur, Madrid.


Alejandro Cunillera (2016). Summer Student.

Moved to: Last year Physics and Mathematics degree (UCM).


M. J. Klajner (2016). Summer Internship.

Moved to: Postdoc at Anna Zawilak-Pawlik (Poland).


Ignacio Horcas (2015). Servotec Project.

Moved to:  Technician at Physics Dept. (UAM).


Benjamin Gollnick (2009-2015). PhD Student.

Moved to:  Production line supervisor at Bosch (Madrid).


Mª Eugenia Fuentes-Perez (2009-2014). PhD Student.

Moved to: Postdoctoral at Imperial College (London).


R. Sánchez de la Nieta Moreno (2014). Summer Student.

Moved to:  Last year biology degree (Univ. Castilla-La-Mancha.


L. Sánchez Burgos (2013). Summer Student.

Moved to:  Master Student in Lausanne.

I. Lopez de Blas (2012/13). Master Student.

Moved to:  Phd Student in Univ. Marseille.


M. Teresa Arranz (2012/13). Final Degree Project Student.

Moved to:  Entrepeneur, Madrid.


Francesca Zuttion (2012/13). Master Student.

Moved to:  PhD Student at ECL, Lyon.

 Bert Otte (2007/08). Internship.

Moved to: PhD Student at CIN2, Barcelona.