Silvia Hormeño

Postdoctoral Researcher


Researcher ID: L-9017-2014

Physical Sciences degree
Biological Sciences

Postdoctoral researcher with a markedly interdisciplinary professional trajectory. Her expertise includes experimental studies in biophysics using three of the main single-molecule techniques: Magnetic Tweezers, Optical Tweezers and AFM.

She graduated in Physical Sciences (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) in 2003 and a year later, she received her master degree in Biophysics at the same university. Then, she was granted with a FPI scholarship (Comunidad de Madrid) to do her PhD at the CNB-CSIC (2010) under the co-supervision of Dr. J. Ricardo Arias-González and Prof. José María Valpuesta. During her PhD she was involved in the start-up of an Optical Tweezers instrument which then she employed to study the mechanical stability of DNA and the biophysical properties of the centrosomes.

During the first part of her postdoctoral stage, she extended the use of optical tweezers to induce energy transfer phenomena between gold nanoparticles, quantum dots and thermosensitive polymers. The work, envisioned for biomedical applications, was supervised by Dr. Beatríz Hernández-Juárez (UAM), and was published in two high impact factor journals (Small and NanoLetters). She obtained a postdoctoral fellowship JAE-Doc from CSIC in 2012 to study the use of functionalized nanoparticles as molecular platforms for drug delivery to tumors, using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) as the main experimental approach. The research was carried out in the laboratory of Dr. Mónica Luna (IMM, CSIC).

She joined Fernando Moreno’s lab in September 2016. Her actual research line focused in the study of protein machines involved in DNA repair and chromosome organization by means of Magnetic Tweezers-TIRF.

My Skills

Multidisciplinary background. Expert in single-molecule biophysics.

  • Magnetic Tweezers
  • Optical Tweezers
  • AFM

My Achievements

  • FPI scholarship, Comunidad de Madrid (2006)
  • JAE-Doc (CSIC) postdoctoral fellowship (2012)
  • Best doctoral thesis in Life Science defended in 2009-2010, Spanish Microscopy Society