November 2018

November (2018). C. Carrasco visits and gives a talk at the E. Schäffer’s lab in Tübigen University, Germany.

November (2018). We welcome Hannah and Rosie from C. Toseland group for a research visit in the context of a iLINK project from CSIC.

November (2018). Silvia gives a talk at the Mechanobiology Seminars. CNIC, Madrid (15.11.18)

November (2018). Cesar and Fernando gives a practical lab course on Magnetic Tweezers (Master in Condensed Matter Physics and Biophysics, UAM) (19-21 nov)

November (2018). Alberto, Cesar, and Fernando gives a practical lab on Magnetic Tweezers and AFM (Master of Biomolecules and Molecular Dynamics) (26 nov)

November (2018). Publication uploaded to bioRxiv server “ParB dynamics and the critical role of the CTD in DNA condensation unveiled by combined force-fluorescence measurements” by Julene Madariaga-Marcos et al.

November (2018). Adriana Gil moves to CSIC central Headquarters Offices to work at the International Relations Dept.