February 2018

Feb (2018).  A. Martin-Gonzalez participates at FotCiencia contest.

Feb (2018).  J. Madariaga-Marcos talk at the Mechanobiology Seminars at CNIC, Madrid.

Feb (2018). Dr Gijs J. L. Wuite visits the group and gives a talk at CNB entitled “Frontiers in Single Molecule Manipulation and Imaging of DNA-protein transactions”.

Feb (2018). Several people from the group participates at the events for the February11 celebration of the “International Day of Women and Girls in Science” .

Feb (2018). New paper accepted at Nanoscale on lateral magnetic tweezers combined with TIRF microscopy.

Feb (2018). J. Madariaga-Marcos talk and poster at Biophysical Society Meeting, San Francisco.

Feb (2018). F. Moreno-Herrero participation at Biophysical Society Meeting, San Francisco.