Group Members

Former Members of the Lab

Adriana Gil (2018). PostDoc

Moves to CSIC central Headquarters Offices, International Relations Dept.


Miguel Curieses Rey (2018). Undergrad Student

Moved to: Last months of Experimental Sciences degree (URJC).


Guilherme Vilhena (2016-2017). Postdoctoral Researcher.

Moved to: IF MSCA at University of Basel (Department of Physics).


Javier Cabello (2016-2017). Master Student.

Moved to:  Imperial College London.


Alejandro Gimeno (2015-2016). Servotec Project.

Moved to:  Entrepeneur, Madrid.


Alejandro Cunillera (2016). Summer Student.

Moved to: Last year Physics and Mathematics degree (UCM).


M. J. Klajner (2016). Summer Internship.

Moved to: Postdoc at Anna Zawilak-Pawlik (Poland).


Ignacio Horcas (2015). Servotec Project.

Moved to:  Technician at Physics Dept. (UAM).


Benjamin Gollnick (2009-2015). PhD Student.

Moved to:  Production line supervisor at Bosch (Madrid).


Mª Eugenia Fuentes-Perez (2009-2014). PhD Student.

Moved to: Postdoctoral at Imperial College (London).


R. Sánchez de la Nieta Moreno (2014). Summer Student.

Moved to:  Last year biology degree (Univ. Castilla-La-Mancha.


L. Sánchez Burgos (2013). Summer Student.

Moved to:  Master Student in Lausanne.


I. Lopez de Blas (2012/13). Master Student.

Moved to:  Phd Student in Univ. Marseille.


M. Teresa Arranz (2012/13). Final Degree Project Student.

Moved to:  Entrepeneur, Madrid.


Francesca Zuttion (2012/13). Master Student.

Moved to:  PhD Student at ECL, Lyon.


 Bert Otte (2007/08). Internship.

Moved to: PhD Student at CIN2, Barcelona.