January 2019

January (2019). New paper published in eLife on the CtIP structure and DNA binding and bridging properties.

January (2019). Alejandro is back from a 3-month Research Visit at Prof. T. Ando´s group at Nano-Life Science Institute (WPI-NanoLSI) .

January (2019). We welcome R. Corti from Francesco Mantegazza lab for a 6 month intership.

January (2019). New Research Grant awarded to the Moreno-Herrero lab. Autonomous Comunity of Madrid, Sinergy Proyects 2018. NanoBioCancer: Molecular and Structural Nanobiotechnology to study DNA repair processes in Cancer.

January (2019). Clara was working for a week in the laboratory of Professor Mark S. Dillingham at the University of Bristol.