SEBBM 2019

Fernando Moreno-Herrero together with Eduardo Oliver (CNIC), were responsible for the organization of “The 42nd Congress of the Spanish Biochemical and Molecular Biology Society”, that was held in Madrid on 16-19th July 2019, and count on the presence and support of the Minister of science, Innovation and Universities Pedro Duque during the Opening Ceremony.
Close to 700 researchers from diverse disciplines related with biology and biomedical sciences, could enjoy the high quality scientific program, olding Plenary talks that covered topics such as signal transduction, receptors biology, plant biology, molecular basis of disease, and
molecular biophysics, given by leading voices in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (Professors Robert Lefkowitz (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012, Duke University, US), and Taekjip Ha (HHMI investigator, Johns Hopkins Biomedical Enginering, US), Guadalupe Sabio (CNIC, ES), Fabiana Drincovich (CEFOBI, CONICET – Universidad Nacional de Rosario, AR) and Alejandra Loyola (Head of the Epigenetics and Chromatin Lab at Fundación Ciencia & Vida, Santiago de Chile, CL)); three simultaneous sessions of Symposia (Biomolecular Structure and Function; Gene Regulation and Cell Signalling; and Molecular Basis of Disease) delivered by members of the Network of Associations of Spanish Researchers and Scientists Abroad (RAICEX) to highlight the excellent work of Spanish researchers working abroad; workshops of the multiple scientific groups of the Spanish Biochemical and Molecular Biology Society; and participation of many students and postdocs with talks and posters. Satellite activities such as the Introductory Course to Research in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Course; the annual Meeting of Coordinators of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences; the Workshop on Professional Development for Young Researchers; and multiple Biochemistry in the City activities that were embraced with much enthusiasm by the general public were organized during those days. This year for the first time and with great success a colloquium/interview with the Nobel laureate Prof. Robert Lefkowitz was organized with the goal to create the perfect environment for students and young researchers to ask a Nobel laureate about science, research and life.