February 2019

February (2019). We welcome Mikel Marín Baquero to the lab, to carry out his PhD in AFM and fluorescence.

February (2019). New paper published in Physical Review Letters on the DNA Crookedness Regulates DNA Mechanical Properties at Short Length Scales.

February (2019). Nature Reviews Physics Highlight our on DNA crookedness and its relation with stretching flexibility. LINK

February (2019). Fernando attends the Spanish Mechano-Biology Network Meeting in Zaragoza and gives a talk.

February (2019). Clara, Silvia, Carolina y Alejandro participate on 11 Feb events:

International Day of Woman and Girls Science.

Clara, Silvia and Carolina carries out some experiments with milk and colorants here in the CNB.

Clara talks about unrolling DNA at the IES Severo Ochoa.

Alejandro talks about four famous female scientics and performs experiments to young students at the the social and cultural center La Casa Encendida in the center of Madrid.

February (2019) New paper published in Frontiers in Microbiology on the Bacillus subtilis MutS and RecA-Mediated DNA Strand Exchange.

February (2019) C. Carrasco gives a talk at the Mechanobiology Seminars at CNIC, Madrid.

February (2019). Julene Madriaga defends her PhD Thesis: Magnetic Tweezers and Fluorescence to study DNA – protein interactions.